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Free clipart, images, and Graphics for jewelry making, crafts, and scrapbooking. We offer a large collection of original images, clip art and graphics designed to fit your craft’s needs. You can use these images free in your arts and craft projects for resale (please read Terms of Use)
We also offer the free service that allows you to resize all your images to any size you need, put them to a collage sheet and download the ready sheet for convinient printing. How It Works
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11 February 19 new images in Rectangle - Cartoons
11 February 17 new images in Square - Children Theme
11 February 19 new images in Round - Cartoons
11 February 15 new images in Round - Harley Davidson Logo
8 September 24 new images in Rect - Kokeshi Girl
13 May 6 new images in ACEO - Bugs
11 April 17 new images in Square - Children Theme (Angry Birds)
28 March 20 new images in Square - Easter
5 March 18 new images in Bookmarks - Flowers
18 February 67 new images in Square - Vintage Looking
3 January 22 new images in Rect - Valentine Day
11 December 54 new images in Square - Betty Boop
20 November 8 new images in ACEO - Christams & New Year
31 October 12 new images in Bookmarks - Christams & New Year
30 October 9 new images in Square - Love
21 October 29 new images in Rect - Birds
21 October 7 new images in Square - Flowers
21 October 23 new images in Square - Children Theme
9 October 73 new images in Round - Christmas & New Year

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ImagesForCrafts.BestPeople.ca is a great free source for Digital Printable Images. We specialize in images for photo glass pendants, scrabble tile pendants, buttons, glass magnets, keychains, pocket mirrors, bottle cap pendants & magnets, domino pendants, coasters, bookmarks, ACEO, tags... and much more, depending on your imagination and creativity!
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