The terms of use for the images found on ImagesForCrafts.BestPeople.ca are simply this: You can use images for personal or small commercial use.

Personal Use: All images may be used for unrestricted personal use.

Commercial Use: ImagesForCrafts.BestPeople.ca images may be used for commercial products made in home based studio.
Use my digital images in printed format in your art and craft projects.(Pendants, scrabble tile pendants, domino pendants, buttons, pocket mirros, cufflinks, bookmarks, scrapbooking...)
Sell tangible finished items on virtual shops, craft and art fairs.
Sell your tangible items in a small commercial quantity (up to 150 times each item).

You Cannot:
The only restrictions I have are that you not redistribute the images as digital files, you not sell the images as your own, and you not use them for mass production.
If you use the images or png files in your digital collection you must provide the link to ImagesForCrafts.BetsPeople.Ca

Please contact me if you are wanting permission to use or display these images on your websites and/or anywhere else on the internet.

Note: If you use my products in commercially distributed items (Bookmarks, for instance), I would appreciate mention of the ImagesForCrafts.BestPeople.Ca in your documentation. I do not require it, but it would be a nice gesture. ;)

That's it!

Take care, and have fun creating! ~ Alexandra ~

ImagesForCrafts.BestPeople.ca is a great free source for Digital Printable Images. We specialize in images for photo glass pendants, scrabble tile pendants, buttons, glass magnets, keychains, pocket mirrors, bottle cap pendants & magnets, domino pendants, coasters, bookmarks, ACEO, tags... and much more, depending on your imagination and creativity!
Our proffessional quality, Digital Images are available for immediate download. They are also available in different sizes and can be printed on the size sheet that you desire.